About our graphic and web design studio:

CreateHive was founded in 2008 by Paula Benari, as a continuation of her long career in the graphic and web design industry. The studio provides extremely effective and creative graphic and web design work, along with quick turnarounds without compromising quality. CreateHive is located in Redmond, Washington, and it extends even further having the entire world as its playground – “Where we cannot reach by physical form, we do it with inspiration” – having clients on all continents.


Our philosophy is to keep it simple. We believe that you don’t need to over pay to get great designs, you just need to find the right designer. We are very open and straight forward with our clients. We learned that by excluding the “formality” from the information exchange we are able to get better results faster, elevating projects further than the initial brief. The big difference in having informal communications, is that it bring us closer to our clients as we get to know them better, and in turn understanding not only what they need but also what they want.

We approach design with the same attitude, believing that a good design does not necessarily needs to be complex, but brilliant in its simplicity. Visit our Portfolio to see a glimpse of our designs.

Our team:

Our team consists of hard working designers who are highly creative yet grounded. Not only do they get the job done, but are constantly staying updated on new design trends as well as new technologies. While working on your projects, our team will personally take care of keeping you updated on the progress at all times, believing that the more you feel involved the better the process becomes on both sides.

Our extended family:

CreateHive’s clients are quite diverse, ranging from all sorts of sizes and industry types, and from all the corners of the world. We like to build our designer-client relationships as long-term partnerships. We don’t just design new materials and forget about it, but we will continue maintaining and doing ongoing updates as long as you need us. And as any long relationships, this comes with a bonus… the more we know each other, the easier each project gets.

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