Giving Back

Giving Back

We had the privilege to attend the “2016 YWCA Luncheons Inspire”, and we definitely were inspired. Such a great cause!
I was tremendously moved by the speakers. Two were women, that with the help of YMCA program found their way back from desperate situations to a new positive life.

Is a reminder for all of us to really appreciate what we have, and an opportunity to help others to accomplish their dreams as-well. I truly encourage you to check the YMCA mission to our communities, and get involve.

Thanks GPL Tax & Accounting for inviting us, and to Effie Bar-Caspi and Kelly Miller for the great company!

Keeping a Dynamic Brand: Novo Fogo

Keeping a Dynamic Brand: Novo Fogo

Earlier this month, team CreateHive had the honor of attending a special event held by Novo Fogo called, “Beans on Fire.”

The Premise:

Teams of two bartenders from Canon, Liberty, Lot No. 3, Naga, and Tavern Law will present original cocktails made with either of the Novo Fogo Cachaças AND Cesura’s Brazilian Blend, roasted by Café Lusso in Redmond.
The competition’s judges, Paul Clarke, Jacob Grier, and Evan Martin will declare one winner, and the crowd will choose their own.


As we watched all the bartenders create their masterpieces, I personally did not realize all the crazy ways you could construct such cocktails, as some were presented in hollow egg shells, smoked, and one was even served with a cachaça ganache. Every drink was served very elegantly, almost like a really fancy plate served on Top Chef.


Pictured above: Dragos Axinte (Novo Fogo Proprietário) and judges taking in the essence of the last cocktails served by Tavern Law.


Pictured above: Liberty getting their smoke and foam on.

The Results:

An awesome tie between Liberty Bar and Canon was the end result. All teams made delicious drinks as we were able to sample each of the cocktails.


*Photos courtesy of Luke McKinley.

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