What is SEO?

If you’ve ever wondered what SEO really means… Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a group of actions affecting your website or web page organic (not paid) visibility and ranking in web search results. SEO most common misunderstanding: It would be nice if...

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Product Research of the Week: Giffard

Small confession… this is not a new client of CreateHive, but finally we broke our studio rule of “don’t drink and work” by closing this hectic week with a nice shot of Péche de Vigne by Giffard USA. After more than a year’s worth of designing labels, ads, posters,...

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Our Design on the Shelves: Biscottea

Such a pleasant surprise to see our designs on the shelves… SPOTTED: Delicious shortbread cookies in Tazo store on U-Village and Whole Foods Redmond – Biscottea Shortbread Cookies to be exact, a company we are pleased to have as part of the CreateHive family. Besides...

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