Where I should start? I guess in the first question people usually ask me after trying to figure out my accent… Where am I from? I was born in Argentina, Buenos Aires and lived there till I was 13 (you might think that after 24 years I’d be totally over the cravings for Argentinian meat, but nope). Then I moved with my family to Israel, were I lived a majority of my life.

In 2007, I won the greencard lottery (YEAH!) and coming from tiny Israel to the giant U.S., the decision to exactly where, was overwhelming to say the least. So my husband and I took a short exploration trip to the U.S. first, to help us decide. Though the minute we landed in the Seattle area, we knew that this was our future home. I love the rain, the nature, the rain, the lakes, the rain, the people, everything! As of three weeks ago (April 2013), we became official citizens and I couldn’t be happier and more proud.

I married my best friend and the perfect man (yes, both are the same guy) in 1997, his name is Erez Ben Ari. Though I’ve been married for long, we just recently expanded the family, and in 2010 we had our little one, Sol (from Spanish – sun). Our household also consists of my 16 year old dog, May and my chubby cat, Gui, whom both traveled with us from Israel.

I came to be a graphic designer the same way a child learns to swim – by being thrown in the deep end… no real higher education (sorry). Unofficially my first graphic design job was when I was 15, one of my teachers discovered my drawings and gave me a one time job as a children’s book illustrator. Sadly I don’t even remember the name of the book – building my portfolio escaped my mind back in the early days. As for my first real job, I served as an apprentice at a pre-print house. Now, you might be asking yourself, what is that? Well, they don’t exist anymore, then again, before print we actually needed to manually do the film imposition and color shade grids before this went to the print plates for offset printing… Now ancient history, still as a designer it was very enriching, and did justice to the term “graphic or print artist” more than today.

Since then I’ve come a long way, I did any job and any role related to design and if I needed to showcase them all, it would be easier to say what I did not do. To give you a quick rundown, I have worked as: a pre-print technician, print production manager, illustrator, typographer, lecture of practical design arts, graphic designer, web designer, interior designer, art director, copywriter (hebrew of course), creative director and now as a proud owner and art director of CreateHive studios. In-between all of this, I took part in founding the Mensa Israel branch along with my husband and Dr. Frank Luger back in 2003 (even after several incarnations, it is still alive and kicking).


At a glance:

I’m a proud geek, love Sci-Fi, fantasy, horror and everything out of this world. My list of favorites says it all…

Author: Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, Jules Verne

Movies: The princess bride, Labyrinth

Music: Queen, Police, Simon and Garfunkel

Artists: M.C. Escher, René Magritte, Hieronymus Bosch

Interests: museums, river hikes, movies, puzzles and brainteaser games, excellent food


My goal:

For many years, I honestly and shamefully admit that I did not gave my private life much priority. Now, far from where I started, my goal is to keep a good balance between life, work, being a wife, a mom, and still have a little bit of time for myself and my friends… so I can succeed and enjoy doing all in the long run. A bonus will be, successfully influence my friends, peers, and everyone that life is more than work.

…and if you are still reading this, you should too take a break and go to enjoy life.

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