Hi, my name is Sunita and I love my cat. The end. I’m just kidding, sort of.

How did I end up working in Issaquah, Washington you ask?

Well let’s see… It was winter of 2011 and I was sitting on my balcony in Tallahassee, Florida, wondering what I wanted to be when I grew up. Thoughts of a graphic designer by day, superhero by night, and a cloud enthusiast always, designing and fighting off bad code etiquette.  This thought bubble was quickly popped by a phone call from my pops offering me a ticket to visit him in Hawaii, and I took it! Here my two week cloud gazing vacation somehow turned into six months of endless sunsets…

Upon my return home, I realized I wanted to continue traveling. I packed one bag (full of necessities like legos, bottle of ranch, and my favorite Third Eye Blind hoodie), my cat and her ugly lucky rug, and a box of Cheez-its and headed out on the open road from Tallahassee to this great state of Washington all  in the summer of 2012. From there came a very nervous interview with Paula and since then, I have made Washington my new home.

Design Background:

Graphic Design definitely was not my first career choice while attending Florida State University. Initially starting out as a Biology major (to please my folks), I quickly realized I wasn’t happy. Transferring my major to Art (with a concentration in drawing) and having to take a required Graphic Design course, it was there when a professor realized that I was indeed in the right major, but wrong concentration, and from there, steered me into the world of Graphic Design.

In 2007, I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Florida State University. In 2008, I received the Addy Award for Bear Creek Music Festival’s Branding Campaign. Looking up to the likes of my heroes, Stefan Sagmeister (graphic designer) and Annie Leibovitz (photographer), I hope to continue to progress further into newer realms of design and photography through trial and error.

As a designer, I always feel that I have so much to learn and absorb. To be a designer is an never-ending journey that will never cease to surprise me. There is always something new from a design perspective, new technologies that open more possibilities, and with every new client, there are new challenges to think about.

In my humble career, I already have quite a few experiences under my belt to know that finding the “perfect” design job is like trying to find your perfect car. Lucky me, I think I found mine at CreateHive.


At a glance:

I am a cloud gazing, bacon guzzling, cat walking, horror film fanatic who loves to read and listen to great 80s music. Here’s a slim list of favorites:

Authors: Bret Easton Ellis and Shel Silverstein

Movies: The Crow, Beauty and the Beast, and the Perks of Being A Wallflower

Music: Third Eye Blind

Artists: Escher, Dali, Alex Pardee, and Rembrandt

Interests: Bacon.


My Goal:

To be the best artist | designer | cloud hunter | ninja | photographer  to my ability. I’d also like to teach my cat, Eppley Jas how to open and close doors.


So there is it. The end. For reals this time.

P.S. Click HERE to see the best picture ever.


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