A no-nonsense, highly creative, graphic and web design studio

Welcome to CreateHive Studios

My name is Paula and you are about to enter my realm, CreateHive… where I let my imagination and creativity go wild and enjoy what I do best – graphic and web design.

I founded CreateHive Studios in 2008, as a continuation of my long thirty years career in the design industry. The studio helps me provide effective and highly creative design services, along with quick turnarounds.

CreateHive is my pride and joy, and I’m lucky to be able to share this journey with my clients, and hope my portfolio reflects that as well.

My studio is located in Bellevue WA, and extend even further, having the entire world as my playground. “Where I cannot reach by physical form, I do it with inspiration” – having clients on all continents.


Keep it simple: I believe that a good design does not necessarily needs to be complex, but brilliant in its simplicity.

I see the design process as a shared journey between designers and clients. I will shape your ideas and bring them to life, while you are the one who sets the tone.

Design can be challenging, as each person has their own individual taste, and a different perspective on how the end product should look. To remain objective it is truly impossible. Therefore, as a designer I’ll take the role of a chameleon, and will quick adapt to any style that suits your needs. Ensuring the final product reflects you and/or your company the best.

Design as a chameleon
Design as a chameleon
Design as a chameleon
Design as a chameleon
There are as many ways to design as there are designers

The right fit

You don’t need to overpay to get great designs, you just need to find the right designer.

At CreateHive Studio I bring my mix of high creative thinking along with a down to earth and practical personality. I’m fortune to love what I do, and always worked hard to reach my clients’ goals and exceed their expectations.

Over the years, I’ve climbed my way starting from a humble print apprentice to an illustrator, a designer and up to a creative and art director. Along the way I lectured about practical design in various art faculties, and I’m a board member of Bellevue college digital media art advisory committee. Having worked in print-houses, design studios, in-house, and advertisement agencies I experienced many types of clients, industries, and team dynamics.

My long carrier gives me a well rounded perspective to approach design and production processes with confidence, along with a unique and efficient collaboration style with my clients, their teams, and suppliers.

CreateHive communication style
CreateHive communication style
CreateHive communication style
CreateHive communication style

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m very open and straight forward, personally as well professionally. Having a no nonsense communication brings me closer to my clients. It is important for me to build long lasting and strong work relationships, were communication evolve by getting easier and more efficient with each project.

The benefits of a streamlined communication go both ways:

From a client perspective:

You will have a richer and better experience, as you will be more connected to the design process. Knowing where your project is headed conceptually, and where it stands at all times, will not only make you feel in control, but will facilitate a smooth and enjoyable collaboration from start to end.

From a designer point of view:

I get a clear idea of what you need and want, helping me prioritize design details. In exchange I can give you better recommendations as for your options. Then I can focus my efforts to reach your design goals more accurately and effectively, saving you time and costs, hoping to always exceed your expectations.

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