Such a pleasant surprise to see our designs on the shelves…

SPOTTED: Delicious shortbread cookies in Tazo store on U-Village and Whole Foods Redmond – Biscottea Shortbread Cookies to be exact, a company we are pleased to have as part of the CreateHive family. Besides seeing our designed retail boxes on the shelves, we have tried these nuggets of goodness firsthand, and they are very addictive. Very. These shortbread cookies aren’t typical shortbread cookies, as each flavor is baked with real tea or coffee, making them quite complementary to have with such beverages (or any other beverage really).

For a good rundown of what Biscottea is really about, check them out on Food Network’s Unwrapped:

If you are a shortbread connoisseur (or just enjoy shortbread cookies in general), next time you see Biscottea or Biscoffee Shortbread cookies in the stores, we would definitely recommend picking up some and trying them yourselves!

Stay tuned for new flavors by Biscottea.


Box design by CreateHive
Box design by CreateHive