Ever sat down in a bar, looked at the back bar shelves and asked yourself, “Who designed those liquor labels?” versus wondering about their taste. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t, unless you are me.
There are so many product label designs that range in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Who can judge which one is better than the other? When it down right comes to design, there is not one single correct answer but many. Regardless if you like a design or not, the most important question is, “Would you remember it?”

With the wide range of products, a label can easily get lost on the shelves. Sometimes taking an approach that’s off the beaten path may help your label stand out and if not be memorable. These designs should be thoughtful and carefully crafted to not steer away from the essence of the product.

Back Bar Project has been working with CreateHive for over six years now. You can see their premium import collection of spirits on all the top shelves in quite a few of the hottest bars across the U.S. Some brands of you may have already seen are Giffard, Sotol Por Siempre, Bigallet, Nuestra Soledad, El Jolgorio, and much more to come.

Artistic Collaboration

The Back Bar Project team keeps us busy designing their collateral – from labels to packages to product sell sheets, as well as advertisements, posters, etc. From time to time they introduce us to local artists from the distilleries regions to collaborate on projects. Such collaborations create unique labels that bring the culture and brand to life. To have local artists collaborating with our design is an honor and privilege. Two brains are better than one, amirite?

One thing you can surely say about Back Bar Project spirit is they look and taste amazing!